About CareerCurators

Our Story

Our passion for changing the way people learn – with our innovative, engaging, and high-impact learning solutions -drives everything we do. CareerCurators is heading towards becoming a global learning powerhouse driven by the vision to help the world learn smarter.

We create a strong empathetic bond with customers and work with an attitude of “let’s make it happen.” From our Solution Architecting team to our Account/Project Management teams, we have people and processes aligned to fulfill your expectations every step of the way.

Team profile

We work as equals, celebrate as a team & have fun with each other. Our team is driven, agile, flexible, and pro-active.

Shubhangi Pendharkar

Founder, Chief Learning Strategist

She brings in her experience of 18+ years to help CC customers transform their learning and keep pace with the changing workplace dynamics.

Jitendra Tiwari

Founder, Chief Operating Officer

Seasoned Instructional Designer with 18 years in the in corporate learning.

Expertise and Credentials

We have over three decades of experience in helping our customers in Digital Transformation. For us, the training delivery is the start point, and we work with our customers to ascertain the training effectiveness, its impact on business, and ROI.

Capability to Handle Diverse Industry 

We have crafted award-winning solutions for 25+ industry verticals – notably for Airlines and Aviation, Banking and Insurance, Pharma, Retail, IT, FMCG, and Higher Education.

Development Methodology

We use an adaptation of the standard ADDIE model called CRAFT – with an Agile and iterative practice overlay – designed for high efficiency and quality.

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